The All City Express (A.C.E.), an interactive art installation at Panorama pays homage to graffiti art’s NYC roots while looking towards its virtual future by combining cutting-edge motion capture technology and life-size high-definition video displays to reimagine the Top to Bottom for the digital age.

Developed by AST Studios with Tangible Interaction.

Curation by Meres One and Marie Flageul.

Featuring works by Lady Pink, Tkid 170, Python, See, Meres One, Toofly, Jerms, and Topaz.

AST Studios
Director: Adam Teninbaum
Lead Developer: Grayson Earle
Director of Photography: Zachary Halberd
Designers: Rita Louro, Ryan Berkey, Orges Kokoshari, Kris Merc
Camera Assistant: Ankit Somani
Matchmoving: James Pina
Compositing: Michael Glen
Production Assistants: Jack Dixon and Diana Guerra

Tangible Interaction
Creative Director: Alex Beim
Lead Designer: Andrea Buttarini
Interaction Designer: Brendan Matkin
Developer: Joseph Lunderville

Goldenvoice Media
Executive Producer: Raymond L. Roker
Supervising Producer: Nikki N. Jahanforouz
Production Coordinator: Gabriel Granach
Key Production Assistant/Assistant Camera: Michael Lebovich
Production Assistant/Runner: Barbra Rudolph
Videographers: Cody Burkhardt, Mason Cash, Andrew Wood, Nate McGarigal, Nathan Lynch
Sound: Mike Larussa

Special Thanks: Paul Tollett, Kyle Casey, David Prince, Jonathan Baden, Stephanie Danis, Anna Egleson, Leonard Teninbaum, Nick Egleson, David Fine, Shay Kuperman, Giani Fabricio, Ritesh Patel, Greg D’Andrea, Kan Anant, Richard Marasas, Ph.D., Mitch Thompson, Vilelmini Kalampratsidou, Michael Canzioniero, Holly Hoffman, Manish Ayachit

“Hidden Transmission” by LandMrks courtesy of Marmoset Music

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